[Dark] Depression/Suicides within the fandom (The revival)

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well one of the things in life i wanted was friends and recently ive gained a few. and theyre the greatest things ever. but i still dont feel ok, or fulfilled with my life.
so even if i was able to achieve everything i want in my life, i doubt id feel any better about it.
its tiring. and it feels good to know all this won't last forever.

everyone would probably hate me for it. and forever think of me as selfish. but theyd learn to live without me eventually.

I've been away from home for about 6 or 7 months, but because of the quarantine I'm back home. Being back home has brought back so many repressed memories and trauma and even though I'm with a loving family, boyfriend, and friends. I just feel off, I've gone back to my old ways of thinking and I don't know how to get out of it. I was doing a lot better when I was away from home. I mean yeah I was still depressed but I was better. Now that I'm home I feel horrible. It's not my family, I'm really close with my family, I just don't know what it is. Is it the memories or am I going crazy.

forgets everything
I would give anything to just drink a cocktail and drift off forever. After years of consideration, I am convinced that life is unjustifiable. If I died tomorrow absolutely nothing would change; I would be cremated and the rest of the family would just carry on as if I was never there at all. I don't understand what people see in life and never will.
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i'll be fine. what ever happens, happens. the out come is still the same. i just want it to be my choice.
i don't know why i havent tried to end it yet. i dont have a terrible life, but there isn't any point to it all. i don't want to go around pretending that there is. i dont want to go through the grind of life when the reward is still death regardless.

i dont get how anyone can be optimistic about life.
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This thread never goes anywhere it just feels like pointless bitching and moaning and nobody here actually accepts help from anyone. It’s ridiculous
Artist -

I hope that I find someone.

I hope covid ends.

I hope all stays well.

I see good in everyone, I don't like judging. I like forming up understanding of all walks of life.

I cried a little bit, being reminded of how hard it is to cope with my disabilities/conditions. And I am well, thankfully.

I am looking for something for what possibly, seems, to be extremely.. rare. And -My thoughts were picking up, but I am overcoming them. The thought's of self doubt… I'll put it that way.

The character in my icon dies in attempting to save his friend, so that they can stop an alliance from causing any more harm to his friends. I feel like that guy, because last year was a super hardcore recovery from months of continous super-emotional-anxiety and mania periods. And that was also because I've tried to work a job and feel like that I could help people. When really, I need to be doing things for myself firstly. The one-self comes first.
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