[Dark] Depression/Suicides within the fandom (The revival)


You would set a record for the farthest person from earth ever and you would have the entire place for yourself. Entire space object as a place of rest for a single person sounds pretty majestic to me.
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The room is pitch black. Not a single light in the area, I can’t see anything, but I can hear the sickening crunch of bone and the tearing of flesh. I can hear nails scrapping across the concrete floor. The same floor I feel pressed coolly against my bare body. Someone cries softly for help, but I am too afraid to move from my spot on the floor. I’m naked, my body clammy from many things. My fear induced sweat, months of my own piss and the blood of victims. There are pools of the blood everywhere, and I’m just laying in it. At this point it is apart of me. It is caked in every crack of my skin and it is weighing me down. I can taste it, I breath it.
I just lay there as still as I possibly can when the whimpering suddenly stops. It is so dark I am not sure weather my eyes are open or not, but I can feel the sight vibration on the ground as the heavy creature moves closer to me. Wet thumps and sliding noises hit the walls and floor.
Suddenly a light shines, I have no idea where it is coming from, but it blinds me. My eyes slowly adjusts and I quickly wish it hadn’t. The brightness burns my eyes and I blink to rid myself of the feeling. My eyes are heavy and wet with the blood caked all over me. The creature is directly in front of me, it’s hot foul breath drifts over me in it’s heavy breathing. I stare directly at it. It is a furry ball of a creature with several tentacles running from it’s back. It is soaked in blood, every inch of it, and it’s mouth is fixed open in a smile with razor sharp teeth, but all that is not even the scariest part about it. Inside it’s gapping mouth is a skinny, pale white woman with huge, wide open black eyes. The whole thing is black, there are no whites to her eyes. She has long black hair and I know, I know that she is not a regular person. Her mouth slowly opens and she lets out an ear-splitting scream that makes my ears ring. It is so intense and unending I slowly feel myself fading into the pitch black I have been in for so long.
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Wtf did you smoke dog?

It's pretty grim but you won't be alone in spirit. I hate the fact that drinking is such a commitment with miserable withdraw.

I was so trashed last night playing Doom 2. Now I'm getting a little beer to keep me from throwing up.
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Apparently, I'm the only one who failed in everything while everyone was naturally good at something which is how I got here.
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i wonder how long it'll take till i can feel normal. and not be stuck in fuckin fast forward mode. shits going to fast.
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When you really want to reach out to the few people who will understand your problems but you also don't want to worry or bother them.

That pretty much defines my life.
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It has only begun
I'm a worthless piece of shit who has no reason being alive.

I deserve to be beaten to a bloody pile of gore and forgotten about.

nothing I do benefits anyone, not even this site.

this world is better off with me dead
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Ꮖɦɛ Ꮖɛxǟռ.
I have been beaten to a bloody pile of gore and forgotten about several times, it's not worth it.

I smell like roadkill from cancer and almost dying too many times well what do you expect.

All the women in the world, not a single one on this planet wants to be with me.

I must be an awful person, I'll die alone.
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