[Dark] Depression/Suicides within the fandom (The revival)

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how is it i can have good things happening in my life, yet still lay here having negative thoughts.
Background Pony #6048
i don't even remember the last time ive seen a doctor. all it'll be is a waste of time. so i rather not bother. i don't have insurance anyways.
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[screams in German]
Without perception, what is the difference between life or death?
Without perception, what is the difference between existence and non-existence?

Without perception, we might as well not even be born.

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The corrupt reality is temporary. We're comparing about 100 years or so of "eh, okay, not okay" with an eternity of being awake. You'd achieve insanity in minutes at most, and eventually, stop thinking.

Hell. You're choosing Hell over Earth.
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consciousness is the curse. if i wasnt born id wouldn't of been subjected to it.

theres no hell. only nothing. reality will only go down hill till we destroy ourselves. the world cant even get along. they don't understand we are all in this together.
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@Background Pony #434A
Stop asking that of everyone else, and ask it of yourself.

Why can't you see that we are all in this together?

Why can't you see that it is the same for everyone?

The universe ground atoms together for billions of years until you were born. Just like everyone else.

So here you are — what are you doing with your existence?
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