[Dark] Depression/Suicides within the fandom (The revival)

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the only thing i want is to find someone that will go against the whole world with me. i now im not gonna be able to do it alone.
this world is so fucking strange and i want out.
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I'm still looking at life or death and though more about those..like, i'm not that scared of dying, but I wonder what would happen then after life….forever, permanent darkness, or something else..whichever it is..i hope it's good.
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there wouldnt be darkness or anything. just poof gone. everything that made you you, gone. no emotions or thought. like before conception. even if it was possible to live to a trillion years, it wouldnt matter since you'll still die and stop existing.
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I'm new to this thread so I'll be anonymous…

My mom got a boyfriend so she is spending more time with her boyfriend than me, I'm all alone in the house. This gave me depression… and loves her boyfriend more than someone who has been with her whole life… 😭😭😭😢😓💏👍💔
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is this boyfriend beating or harassing. if no then i don't see the problem. my mom has a boyfriend, and im happy for her. and he has some interests that i do since i do talk to him.
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I have borderline schizophrenia and PTSD, I suffer from delusions on a regular basis though I rarely talk about them and if you were to meet me you wouldn't ever think I see things that aren't there and hear voices.

As I've gotten older I've come to find that life goes on regardless of struggle and that only you have the ability to either be trampled by your hardships or stand us and face the resistance and claw with all your might at what you want in life.

I'm a regular on Derpibooru but I'm staying anonymous.
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This is NOT the end!
Why is it that when I try to please my dad, or make the simplest mistake, he gets argumentive? Because as black Americans, that's all we tend to do. I hate myself
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[screams in German]
It's on you for what? Like, a responsibility?

Forgive my opinion but that's dumb. You don't owe your life to anyone. You shouldn't need to please anyone.

You're doing it for no reason.
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