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Unemployed Brendon

Drug info from non-doctor.
There is an over the counter adrenaline stimulant called pseudoephedrine, but you got to get it over the counter with an ID. The nasal decongestant on the public shelves are called phenlyephrine, it has no medical value what so ever, and was rushed onto the shelves to obscure pseudoephedrine.

Go to the pharmacy counter, and ask for extended release pseudofed. It's 10$, and this bulky pill is full of binders, so people don't use it for illicit manufacturing. You can say its for energy, weight loss, stuffed nose, they don't care, they only care if you buy the tiny pills in bulk.

Adrenal stimulants are not very addictive like dopamine drugs. They actually make you feel a bit uneasy, and they're dangerous to do cardio exercise with. These will raise your heartrate, use what it recommended for nasal congestion[/spoiler]

Losing weight is about a lot more than energy in-energy out. It's about the types of energy, how they're stored, and many factors of your metabolism. The body is worst at storing refined sugar, immediately generating fat to clear it out of the blood. FEating fat doesn't make you accumulate body fat, the body only digest so much of it with bile, the rest ends up in stool.

Adrenaline, which is generated from physical exercise inhibits insulin, while creating gluconase so blood sugar rises by depleting bodily fat.

Protien stabilizes blood sugar, and reduces ghrelin levels, which is the hunger hormone, which makes people crave sugar. Get the protein in first, you'll want sugar less.
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