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Background Pony #1020
I still see him.

I can still hear his labored breathing on that damn machine.

Watching him waste away.

Unable to move.

He looked at me and mouthed that he was proud of me.

Happy that I was in trade school and doing well.

He knew the terrible things I've done.

But he still loved me.

He forgave me.

He still loved me.

He was proud of me.

He loved me.

He loves me.

Why did he have to go?

Why did he die?

He loved me.

He said it so much.

He loves me.

But now he's dead.

He's buried in the dirt with a headstone.

I still put flowers there.

He loved me.

Why did you take him away?

It's my fault.

This is all my fault.

He loved me.


You took him away.


I'm tired.

He loves me.

I don't want to feel anymore.

This is my fault.

He's gone.


He loved me.

I'm through living.


He said he was proud.

He loved me.

I miss you.
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