Ponibooru Film Night

Starlight Storm

If we're to suggest movies here, I guess I'll leave some suggestions:

Mindf*ck Movies:
- Donnie Darko (Pretty nice, kinda boring for some people, but one helluvah mindf*ck)
- Total Recall (Classic one. Again, really entretaining, kinda goofy at times, but the end leaves you with one great mindfuck)

- ANYTHING by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer (The more "watchable"? Vampires Suck. The ultimate weapon of torture? Disaster Movie)
- Titanic Animated (Seriously, if we're on for rip-offs, this one totally makes you wanna puke)

- The Room (No doubt, the best example of "So bad is good")

And that's all my suggestions for now.
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How exactly does this work? Does someone create a chat/channel in which the movie plays and then comment as it plays MST3K style?
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Really? How very YAY! So uhh…I guess one hasta wait for another to get a video and post up a link for the viewing?

Date times planned ahead of time?
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