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Well, like a lot of these images, it loses something if you don’t know what it’s from and who they are. (Still, I think it belongs here because you know at least someone had it on their to-do list to ‘problematically objectify’ someone and is just crossing it off.)

Anyway, the show is called The Good Place. It starts with a woman who winds up in heaven because she was mistaken for someone who did belong. I’ll say no more because there are some “The Sixth Sense”-grade spoilers and it’s an amazing show with more to it than meets the eye. Let me just say WATCH IT. Start at the beginning, and read nothing about it online unless you decide not to continue.

As for this particular scene, throughout the first season, Eleanor makes snide comments about the too-perfect socialite Tahani, including about how hot she is, and as it goes on it increasingly sounds more lesbian than jealous, leading to her finally admitting “I might legit be into Tahani” in the first season finale. Her main love interest is another, male character, though, and she never actually pursues Tahani romantically, though. Anyway, in the final episode, Tahani makes the kind of comment about Eleanor’s body that Eleanor used to make about her, to Eleanor’s pleased surprise. Tahani crosses “problematically objectify Eleanor” off that list as Eleanor makes a mock sad look and says “I have nothing left to teach you.”
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No pictures, but when I watched Neon Genesis Evangelion, I shipped Shinji and Misato. There is something to be said for older women, especially when the two obvious love interests Anno trolled the audience with were his half-sister and the textbook case of borderline personality disorder.
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