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Euronymous and Varg, despite being two of the biggest pieces of shit to ever walk in the metal scene, are absolute musical legends and for good reason
Mayhem and Burzum still hit hard over three decades later
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@Dashie41 YT
Which makes me think: He recently made a collaboration with the australian metalcore/hardcore band Aplha Wolf. They’re a very new band, having only 3 LPs and and four EPs. When I heard Ice-T made a collab with the band, I thought it was an ellaborated prank between the band and their record label, SharpTone Records, but nope. Is 100% legit.
This is the song, if you are wondering. Directly taken from their latest album, Half Living Things.
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I guess it’s safer to be a black metal artist than be a rapper then.
If you are careful manipulating flammable materials, you will be okay. Those churches won’t burn down by themselves ;)
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Then dying at the hands of a black metal artist is much more cooler and more noble than being killed by a bunch of high life mobsters. Unless I get to shoot them right in the head first.
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