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Things I’ve always wanted to say about the music thread. You people discuss this and that here…. But you know what? I had my pleasure to talk to one of the best groupies ever regarding the German Metal and Rock scene. And you know what? She is adorable! Kleveres Mädchen. Half-day model. Half-day photography. Just one in the background. But boy! Woohoo! This woman has style!
F**k all this musical jadda jadda. But the people in the background keep it alive. And you should love and respect them for that. And no. I did NOT have anything with this lady. Shame on you for thinking that right now! ;-)
All I want to say is: I admire what is happening in the background. And without the aesthetic background like certain people. Music and sex are inextricably linked. So, change my mind. ;-)
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Congratulations to Sam Smith and Kim Petras for their first ever number one hits with Unholy. It’s also the first number one song by a non-binary (Sam) and transgender (Kim) artist, so this is a great stride in the LGBT community. With that said, the song itself does get some hate for its quality, but I think the song overall is eh. Not terrible but it could’ve been way better.
I like that song, it’s a fun and upbeat banger.
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yeah, it might have been named after that, can’t find anything concrete as to if that is the case or not though.
Funny enough, the Killers aren’t in this year’s (or next year’s) lineup, and the band is based out of Las Vegas too.
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I heard a song today that I kind of liked—I don’t know what it was called, but it had a tune that was like a mix of “Last Christmas” by Wham! and “Instant Crush” by Daft Punk. Anyone know what song that is?
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I wanted to pay some lip service to “The Bunny Hip Hop” from “Tell Your Tale”, because it does something kind of interesting.
The first bar has a simple, pop-friendly major chord. Then the second bar adds a ♯4, giving it a bit of Lydian flavour. Third bar is the minor two chord, and the fourth bar uses a ♭7 for some Mixolydian.
So it’s this silly little meme song that contains a surprising amount of modality.
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@Dashie41 YT
That’s sad to hear. It’s like the end of an era. :(
Guess I’m glad I caught them live when I did. And hey, mad props to Mick for continuing as long as he did despite his spinal condition.
Who’s John 5?
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