Mlp Comic Dub- Comic Relief by Braeburned

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I can get behind this sentiment. I have never heard the dub before, and the comic itself was great porn, and fantastic as a piece of art. If anyone has this i would be interested in viewing it as well.
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Hello. I was wondering if anyone has the comic dub of Braeburned’s comic relief comic. It used to be on YouTube but got taken down. If anyone has downloaded it, please upload it here. Thanks.
heya. did you ever find the dub again? cause I’m searching for it as well and maybe you could share it with me. thank you^^
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Yeah I found that version too, but yes, “thanks” to the music I cant really use that to recreate it. But I take that answer as a no.. so really nobody in the net seems to have a saved version of the video/audio… :/
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literally i’ve been looking for this thing for months
it looks like it got taken down for copyright, which is why even if you can find the link for it, which i have, it’s completely and utterly useless. i tried to message SylviaCrisp, who originally posted it, but they haven’t gotten back to me. guess we’re all stuck for now, unless they happen to have it and get back to me lmao

Is it possible to make a video of it using the slowed w/music video/audio and then trying to recreate using the comic while also crediting? I’m giving it a go and I don’t mind a little noise as long as it works out.

Hello I’m new here, I’ve been trying to look for the comic dub as well with no luck but I did find the original title and a video that some kid made which has the original thumbnail and clips from the video and some guy on tumbex talking about the video.
“mlp comic dub comic relief (yaoi clop) ft. winged t. spears”
For some weird reason one of the links don’t work on here but most of them do.

You know what would be great?
If someone reverse edited the comic dub to make a NSFW version, unfortunately I have no video editing skills. my talents lie elsewhere.
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It can still be found on archive
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