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Iron Man 3 (Warning: SPOILERS)


After someone mentioned it in another thread, I thought I might give the movie its own thread, asking what ya’ll thought about it. I personally enjoyed it, but it’s my understanding that there has been some disatisfaction. Without going full blown Roger Eberts on this popcorn flick, I can only think of 3 things people are complaining about:
The people in heat
-So yeah, there’s an entire group of people seem to be like a cross between Wolverine and the Human Torch. Oh, and it’s suggested that everyone has that potential. It probably would’ve been easier to buy if the setting was in some eldritch plane rather than a somewhat more fantastic Earth, but after all the love the Avengers got it would seem hypocritical to complain about this point.
The Mandarin
-Okay, let’s face it: if they had played this character straight, the film would’ve been torn apart by outrage over an alleged racist chew-man-fu stereotype. I mean, for goodness sake, he’s called THE MANDARIN! …although, that doesn’t explain what happened to the rings…
The ending
-Just like that, apparently it’s all over now. Personally, I think it might actually be a red herring. You know how they say “nobody stays dead except Ben Parker?” Well, death ain’t the half of it; let’s face it, comics make big changes and then turn around and retcon them ALL THE TIME. Heck, Tony STILL thinks of himself as Iron Man at the end; and while we’re at it, do ya’ll think that secret ending might’ve been teasing at a new Hulk movie?

…oh, and there’s also the Iron Patriot and how the suits pretty much became cannon fodder, and in the movie’s defense:
A. What they did with the Iron Patriot makes sense within the context of the movies
B. The cannon fodder suits were the logical extreme of the movies’ direction; it was inevitable.
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