How has COVID-19 affected you

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Crazy how the symptoms vary so wildly between individuals. Glad both you and your spouse seem to have made it through the worst parts of it by now. I'm still trying to stay hyper vigilant at all times just to avoid it. Wiping down everything when I go out, even have full MIRA chemical masks for places I feel need more protection than a standard N95.
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So this morning, this sputum build up in my throat blocked my ability to speak after a plenty of rest the whole night and when I try to tear it off by letting out a one big cough, my bedsheet is full of yellow/green sticky smelly ass disgusting slime crap at the same time, I can speak again.
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I have been working with the public this whole time.

This town is full of idiots who refuse to follow regulations and lazy moron authority figures who don't enforce regulations.

And every day I struggle not to just deck every customer who refuses to wear masks, practice proper hygiene, and/or support politicians who have made this lousy year worse.

I refuse to speak to a councilor because I know that all they'll tell me is a bunch of BS enabler talk, and I hate having my time wasted.

More than half the time it feels like the only things keeping me going each day are rage, vengefulness, and spite.
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