How did you become a brony?


Nintendo Nerd
It started when I first discovered this video in late 2015. I was rather surprised when I found out that the song was originally from a My Little Pony cartoon. I have heard of the franchise’s name before then and I initially didn’t think very highly of it, dismissing it as some childish show targeted to girls. However, I soon found myself watching that and this video numerous times. It wasn’t long before my curiosity got the best of me and I looked more into the characters on both the show’s wiki and TV Tropes. The first episodes I watched were Stare Master, Rarity Investigates, and Read It and Weep and I’ve pretty much been a fan since.

Apparently, this thread has turned into a discussion involving Pokémon & YouTube music videos pairing up JPEGS & badly compressed screencaps as opposed to how we became bronies in the FIRST PLACE!!! So you know what? Talk about whatever you want! I’m out of here…
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Bad to the Pone
It all started when I grew up in a haunted house. The cartoons started talking to me. Ponies brought me the love I’ve been craving my entire life, I joined the fandom and never looked back.

Well, I’ve seen little MLP things before but it wasn’t until like late Spring of ‘22 when I decided to browse YouTube and found Equestria Girls and was like “F$#& it. I’ll watch this cause why not. But it wasn’t until later when I discovered that it was in fact MLP and I became a brony.
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I started watching about half way through tPonieshe first season. ponies were getting spammed all over 4chan. I decided to give the show a watch just to see what everyone was on about.
I remembered seeing bits of the g1 cartoon on Saturday mornings while waiting for Ghostbusters to come on, so thats more or less what i was expecting. FiM turned out to be way better.
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Ruby Sun
I don’t remember. All I know is that my interest in the show lasted from 2011-2013.
I did come back briefly for the MLP movie at my theater though. And I’ve got that on Blu-Ray.
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Been browsing Furry art since Y2K and noticed some of my favorite artists drawing Pony in 2011 and 2012 which got me intrigued. My dad got sick and I ended up spending a lot of time over at his house and he happened to have network television whereas I didn’t, and that’s when I really started diving in… around the beginning of S4. I don’t really think of myself much as a “brony”, though some of my friends might, and that’s totally fine. One thing is for sure, if I haven’t grown out of it by now I don’t suppose I ever will.
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Back in 2012, a friend I met through Facebook brought it up. My internet was shit at the time, and she legit sent me pictures of the main characters and explained stuff before I was able to watch it. She brought up bugs that puke up more bugs (parasprites) and zombie ponies (which I assume to be changelings, since their holes given them a ‘rotten’ look) as cool things the show has. So I started watching. I think my first episode was either a Bird In a Hoof or Dragonshy.
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I was bad at socialization and I thought this cartoon could give me some hints. Watched it in a marathon when season 6 just aired. Naive me it only made me more vulnerable and fulfilled with anxiety and now it seems ponies are sexy too. I wasn’t popular and already was somekind of an “alien” around my peers. I got bullied by classmates pretty quickly and became more than an alien.
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@Background Pony #B464
If you took MLP too seriously (too obsessed with it), it’ll backfire.
Get some real life mentor (especially some reliable adults) could be more helpful as they’ll read your current situation better than a show that was made before your current life event.
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