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Hey guys

The Smiling Pony
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Manually Breathing
You know, when we set up a rule, it’d be nice if people followed it.
And what would be super nice, is if when we send you a notice about that rule, or a warning about your behavior, you didn’t shoot back by insulting us. That would be neat.
And hey Nightjack; this is why I really rarely can be bothered with your oh so precious warnings; because whenever we do, we get bupkis at best, and usually just insults, defiance, and a complete waste of time.
Every day it feels like I’m dealing with people less mature than the show’s target demographic.
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The Element of laughter
Exactly whats going on now? This is the second thread post you made talking about this.
Are people acting like assholes or something?
Am I acting like an asshole and or doing something wrong? Cuz if I am doing something wrong I apologize for being oblivious to it.
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