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Happy venting thread

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Zipp Dripp!
@Goku Black
If you like the location and don’t plan on leaving any time soon, then getting to build up equity instead of paying rent is pretty nice.
A condominium is going to have a built-in homeowners’ association. This means that you don’t have to do much, but trying to get anything done will often get bogged down in bureaucracy.
Goku Black
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I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about HOAs, hence why I’m reluctant to join one. On the other hand, I’ve heard that the bank can’t just raise your rent like a landlord can…and I’ve seen a condo or two in Las Vegas that sells for around $200 grand.
Background Pony #E6CE
I just fucked one of the courtesans at the Chicken Ranch Brothel in Pahrump, Nevada! Cost me a small fortune, but it was the best 15 minutes of my life!
Nice that you had a great time.
I went to the BunnyRanch (also in Nevada, and a much more infamous place) a few years ago and ended up paying $500 for 30 minutes. I was a virgin and she pretty much guessed that I was by how I was acting around her and took things slow, wasn’t how I imagined or ever planned my first time being but it was good.
I’m glad that someone else here has done basically the same thing, thought I was weird for doing it but I guess not. Or at least not as weird as I thought.
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Smiling Panzerfuchs 2.0
And quickly added a like ;-)
Ach ja, Wacken Mosh Pits are the best. And relatively harmless, if you know how to do it. ^^
It’s time to go to some festivals again. Sucks that I will probably spend this weekend only sick in bed. But at least I’ll get to catch up on all the anime series from the last two years that I’ve always wanted to watch. What was that about life and lemons? Make this
out of it? (grin) Nah, just kidding. Those days are over. ^^
Penguin Dragneel
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Tensa Zangetsu
I did it. I f###ing did it.
It only took me an entire year of searching and waiting for the right time to get it, but I did it. I finally nabbed the first Bleach box set.
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