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Flop it to the princess
Drinking you say? Low on hard liquor right now but got half a fridge of craft beer that needs to be gone thru soon, let’s do it
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This is going to sound like absolute gibberish to someone who isn’t in the Nintendo 3DS hacking scene, but I’ve found out how to update my games to a new patch when it comes out!

Oh, I absolutely can share some details since I’m not under NDA ay the moment (and I’ll definitely happy-vent here if it does get picked up!)
It’s a supernatural horror-comedy musical series in which the main character, a 15-year old girl who’s neurotic and morbidly curious, dies and goes to the afterlife, though she ends up there through a way different than the usual. She’s placed in the care of the grumpy ghost who rescues her along with the ghost’s snarky fire demon companion. And weird things start happening in the town where the MC died, so she’s assigned to haunt someone in the town and together they investigate the creepy going-ons in both the town and the eldritch-fueled afterlife.

To tell the truth, I haven’t decided yet. I was considering Disney, but given how they treated The Owl House that might be a bad idea unless my series was made a Disney Plus exclusive, which seems to be their aim for the stuff that skews older, only allowing younger-geared stuff to be aired on their cable channels.
I did also consider Cartoon Network, but after what happened with Infinity Train that possibility was discarded.

True. Disney Plus would probably be what I’ll aim for then, since that seems to be where their shifting their more serialized shows to (it seems they strictly want their cable shows to be more episodic shoes, which is why TOH got shortened—if it had come out a year earlier or a year later it wouldn’t have suffered how it did.
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Shine On U Crazy Diamond
Can’t believe it’s been 11 years since Friendship Is Magic. Glad to be a part of this ride.
In other news, i organized my room for the first time in a while I feel satisfied.
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Dahlia a cute
Had a great thanksgiving with my dad. I brought over some sliced turkey, and we had turkey sandwiches and mashed potatoes for lunch. Then, we worked on our own projects before finishing Season One of Fargo.
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