Happy venting thread

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I may have to wait a while For the PS5  
BUT! I am getting a few interesting games this Christmas  
Project Cars 3  
Resident Evil 2 Remake  
And Team Sonic Racing
And Midnight Club Los Angeles Complete Edition
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I am the subconscious clone of Count Adramélekh Sear and I am nearly recovering from insomnia. It’s quite a difficult adjustment for me over the past several days due to getting used to this timeframe of being awake all night.
I found a perfect time for me to stay out around here for long while maintaining the sufficient and exact time of sleep in my timezone which is 7:00 or 8:00 AM here which is the opposite of most of y’all there/I believe during this time is this site at it’s most active.
Currently, the account is temporarily banned/disabled until October 9 a day before MLP: FiM’s 10th Anniversary upon my request. Maybe probably after Mildgyth’s anniversary art event I might return to my ongoing sleep rehab to furtherly improve my timezone sleep pattern so for now… See y’all at Friday!
~Count Sear’s subconscious form
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My Thursday Dukes came today. These boots are beautiful, surprisingly comfortable out of the box, and superbly made. I’m happy with them.
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Just got back from my first day on the job and I loved it. Now I can finally start earning money after so long.
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