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Goku Black
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I just bought a 4K TV. The LG 43UM69 to be precise.

EVERYTHING LOOKS FANTASTIC, everything from my 1080p sources (Blu-ray movies, Xbone, Nintendo Switch) to 1440p and 4K resolutions that only my PC is capable of displaying.
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I stood up to the cruel administration of my old favorite website. I'm done appeasing them.

I'm getting my old tag changed back here. If I get a good work flow I'll make more money as a openly NSFW artist.

I honestly only wanted STEM to validate my intelligence, but I now realize I really just want to make a living and have a bed to sleep on.
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Sweet F.A.
@Goku Black
Well, yeah. My parents have many, many VHS tapes, and it would cost a lot to replace all of them; hell, some of them are rare concert bootlegs from their Grateful Dead days, so it's likely impossible that some of those could be replaced.
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