Happy venting thread


…aaand this threads gonna get pushed to the second page within an hour, never to be seen again.
Oh, I mean, thank god somebody posted something positive for once.
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I will not let this thread get pushed back, it’s way too fucking needed imho
Soooooooooo, my birthday is coming up on Saturday. Some of my friends here at college are talking about throwing a party of some sorts, which will probably just be us drinking whatever we can procure and playing videogames together in someone’s room. I’m pretty excited for it, though.
Also, my roommate bought me a pack of cigarettes, a Pepsi, and white chocolate for my birthday, and he is fucking awesome for it.
I dunno, I usually don’t like my birthdays but I think this one is shaping up to be just fine.
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I am slowly beating my old anxiety. Got my sleep back on track and meet some people I can talk to online. I also feel confident enough to draw. Things are going nicely!

I can say the same about a thread I made for Steam not long ago; seriously, people here use and talk about steam alot, yet apparently nobody ever made a thread for it and when somebody finally does make one, it’s almost completely ignored.
…this thread is literally already getting twice as much attention and I’m eating my own words, so maybe you’re onto something this time.

True, I wouldn’t’ve been able to add you to my friends list if you hadn’t; I figured it’d be more convenient for there to be a stand-alone thread for stuff like that instead of trying to shift through the catch-all Video Game Thread, so it was surprising it didn’t catch on.
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I found out earlier today I can use triangle topology instead of square topology with SFM models So now I don’t have to use box modeling for every single thing I make and I have a lot more freedom with the amount of vertices i use
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Re-learning stuff you used to learn on a daily basis is fun! I am currently re-learning (Modern Standard) Arabic, as well as a few other lessons I am no longer taught now in vocational high school.
Oh man, the memories, they flow joyfully!
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Screw people trying to shi all over things I like/excited for, I don’t care what some person on the internet says, it only matters if I enjoy it! And I have a feeling that ill enjoy Star Wars! And even if its bad, im gonna still see It because its MOTHER. FUCKING. STAR WARS!!!!!!!
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