Happy venting thread


Got a pinched nerve in my left shoulder and got it mostly out by extending my arm in a way it can move freely.
It’s hard to find advice to do this, you can get your nerve stuck a whole lot worst. Internet usually says to stay hydrated and sleep on the other side so it works itself out. Also taking this advice.
Good its my left. I can draw (work on art) and lean into my right side while letting my left arm move more freely.
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After 3 long agonizing months of looking for work, I’ve finally managed to find something and will start by the beginning of next month! Never felt better! ^ _ ^

I got a new bike for riding on roads, and carrying stuff. A kind of city/road bike. Its a lot easier to get around. I’ll take care of it.
Its almost time to go back to my old job. I was asked if I want to do it and said yes.
Also got a fan pad for my new laptop. Lots of things are pretty good lately.
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Had a good banquet at my work to celebrate both Pride Month and Juneteenth, the food was very delicious
Good on you for the bike but I thought you were done with your old job?

Its seasonal. Last time I messed up one of my fingers at the end of the season, but that is healed up.
Might have said I didn’t want to do it at one point, but I’ll take any work I can get, I shouldn’t be picky.
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I just bought Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas on 4K Blu-ray…and it is by far the finest looking 4K Blu-ray picture I’ve ever seen. It cost a pretty penny, since it’s part of the Criterion Collection, but it’s very worth it!
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