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I pretty much use all the modern stuff because I have to. Like the cheapest path to being future proof.
It feels like windows 10, I got mine looking like Windows 7. The security and amount of control is going to change.
They are funneling people into a more controlling environment. The trusted platform module, the cessation of support of older OS. Eventually they want everything encrypted through your Microsoft account, and want everyone even on junky computers to be using modern windows with the TPM for modern encryption.
I don’t have time to care about any of this though, I just got to future proof up, and be able to do my art work. I’ve achieved that. I got two computers with windows 11, tpm2.0 and 16gb of ram. Also the modern SSD, I think this is also needed to be future proof, everyone is using them.
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Yup they want us to link our Microsoft account with the OS, something I’ve never done and will oppose as for long as I can; I particularly hate the right click context menu on Win 11.
I seriously reccomend W10Privacy (originally made for win10 but now supports win11) it allows you to tweak the OS and remove a lot of Microsofts BS, telemetry and save memory. I also used something to make the win10 file explorer and UI more like win7, can’t remember what it’s called though.
SSD’s are bloody brilliant, I’d never go back to a HDD for my OS/boot drive.
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there’s a reason I’ve got a linux mint install usb ready to go. windows update going balistic recently on my old 10 system drove me to properly set this up.

Got an old commission off my back with the new laptop, and it is really good, legally skilled. I wasn’t going to do a crappy job after such a long wait.
A few more old commissions to go. I will feel a lot better. I mean i already do, but I mean more-so.
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Last night, my brada Islam Makhachev defied every single haters and doubters in their very own turf of America by beating their beloved American MMA star Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier.
All the hype and motivational promo by everyone, even other sports personalities for Dustin all failed to make him fell the invincible Dagestani after he got submitted by a d’arce choke at Round 5. Dustin is considered one of the greatest strikers in the game but Makhachev OUTSTRUCK him.
My mang is just built different. He is better than everyone and he is getting better!
He has surpassed his predecessor Khabib Nurmagomedov’s legendary record of 13 win streak, he has also tied all the other former Lightweight great’s total title defenses by 3. If he wins again, he will become the KING of all Lightweights.


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