Happy venting thread

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With gravy seasoning and giardiniera from Chicago Johnny’s, plus sliced deli roast beef and French rolls, I was finally able to make a good Italian beef at home. Not quite as good as Portillo’s, but I can’t complain. The giardiniera is particularly tasty and infuses the whole sandwich.
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Ey guys… wassup izz’ still good, that’s why I posted that here because I love waking up to a gloomy weather because it’s naturally cold. Sleep tonight is gonna be sweet as chill, that’s what I love about typhoon sometimes if you live in a reinforced home. ;)
Yeah I feel bad for the surrounding communities here tonight becuase the rain this typhoon is pouring as of now is drowning some communities in meters high flash flood and so far, this storm has killed more than 60 people.
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Every place I’ve lived in my life has never suffered anything worse than a downpour. Not even an earthquake or tornado. I’m basically a living good-luck charm when it comes to weather.
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