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I wonder if I’ll ever get married IRL. That would be AWESOME!!!! For now, I’m happy with my cartoon wives, though. 😝
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I finished season 1 of MLP! I intend to watch all the seasons chronologically. It was fun to watch some of those episodes with reactors like CobaltSky and BronyBurningAxe. I can’t wait to get to Season 9 and see how the small world of Ponyville expands to all the encompass all the creatures of Equestria.
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This is soo good to be true…
My mom plans to renovate our entire house probably after 2022 to become evenly more modernized and neater than the current state of our house.
As of now, it has two stories with metal roofings. Mom wants to make it into three stories complete with a rooftop for me to stargaze in the night. I hope this amazing plan would go unthwarted and proceed accordingly! What an exciting future ahead!!!
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