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Pretty much yes. Maybe because Hinduism is the most prominent religion there, instead of Islam (I'm a Muslim, BTW), so I get to see stuff I don't usually see in the rest of Indonesia (though the only cities in Indonesia I ever come to are just Bali, Malang, Jogjakarta, and Surabaya). ^_^
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The weather is pretty average. Nowhere as cold as Malang, but still decent enough for me to stand.

Hindus and Muslims are mostly chill there. Though there have been a few conflicts, we are all trying our best to stay united as Indonesians, from Sabang to Merauke (Sabang is the most western place in Indonesia, while Merauke is the most eastern place in Indonesia).
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Well, I also like ponies, but just you know, I became a brony because of the EqG movies. But I suppose some ponies will be very nice, not just as an addition, but as the primary focus. ^_^

Well, Indonesia does share its own problems, but thanks anyway for the compliment! ^_^
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Tonight (10:48 PM), the radio channel I'm listening to plays Andy Williams' Love is a Many Splendored Thing.

Man, do I love Andy Williams a lot.
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I just won a 12-pack case of Mountain Dew Pitch Black from Mt. Dew's Facebook page (I had forgotten about the contest and got confused about an email about the package heading my way, so mom suggested rerouting it to the UPS Store near me, then we went in and opened it…carefully as I had feared it was a bomb).

I hadn't won anything before! :D
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Things are looking up fellas….now all we need good times across the nations we live in and it will be awesome!
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America got rid of the LGBT marriage ban, mlp S5 started and ended, new Jurassic park and Mad Max movies, The Force Awakens was released yesterday, and its almost Christmas.

For all the bad shit that happened this year, we can safely say that those exampls made sure to remind us that life isn't all that bad.
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