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Happy venting thread

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My recruiter is submitting me to a manufacturing engineer job. So excited to finally get my hands dirty working directly with production of automotive stuff!
I love the view. Biking is my favorite activity outdoors. Is that Utah perhaps?
Cheers to one year older
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Yeah, that’s true. But there are days when I don’t feel like writing at all, others I write four or five pages a day. And although there’s a lot I could write about, I’m trying to do a cyber/space opera that my best friend and I have been playing privately on IRC for 20 years.
Usually I wouldn’t try at all, but lately several friends and family members have advised me to try. Apparently, my writing style is not as bad as I feared. Finally, I have something I enjoy again. That’s the main thing. Since I am German, I am not able to translate it (alone) reasonably into English. But if the book is ever finished (as part of a larger series), I will pay a professional translator, because I would like to share it. ;-)
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Today I applied for two other places with the help of my parents and this time they helped me to ensure that the information was clear and detailed so they can consider me more.
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Had a really cool Sherlock Holmes moment on my walk home. A traffic light wasn’t cycling properly. Instead, it was turning red, then immediately turning green again without letting the other cars go or pedestrians cross. I remembered that there was a cop car nearby with its lights flashing.
The lights on emergency vehicles flash in a specific pattern, and traffic lights are designed to turn green when they detect the pattern. So I walked up to the cop and told him the car was disrupting the traffic lights. He turned them off and the traffic lights immediately went back to normal.
And that’s how I solved The Case of the Scrambled Stoplight.
Also reworked one of my older songs. Listen to it with headphones .
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Wow, this protein-powder drink is actually pretty good. The jar said it was “s’mores” flavored, but I didn’t expect there to be actual graham cracker bits in here.
The brand is Arms Race Nutrition: Foundation if anyone is curious.
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