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So the trailer for the next TMNT movie's out and it actually looks pretty good.

Bebop and Rocksteady actually look pretty good design wise.

That said they still did the stupid thing of spoiling the movie by having the very first thing in the trailer be what I can only assume is an invasion from Dimension X.
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My brother's coming to visit for Christmas in 4 days. …Well, it's before Christmas, because he'll be here for a week from the 15th to the 22nd, but it's close enough.
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I just finished my First Semester Exam.

Well, the scores aren't really good, but hey, they could've been worse. At least there are remedial sessions, and I can take a rest by now.
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Here's to my love and my's relationship.
Most don't live long past high school, but we've been going ever strong for nearly 2 years now that we've both graduated.
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I saw a dream, in which I had a pill that was pure cocaine. The second I put it in my mouth I became so incredibly high. It felt great, but I was sure people around would notice, the effect was so strong.
I was surprised that you can experience a "high" within a dream. Give me more, please
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Sometimes the little things can matter. Like the other day, I got my free play in "Nintendo Badge Arcade", and I successfully nabbed an 8-bit Santa Mario!


Things get real trippy when you start lucid dreaming, like you might be doing math homework when you catch yourself and decide to do something less stressful like screwing with the dreamscape.

…I beat the shit outta Freddy Kreuger once…

@Meso Echo

There have been times that I've been in a weird in-between state where I'm still aware of my surroundings but my dream just kinda starts without me, almost like an inverse daydream.
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I almost had a panic attack today. I was watching a movie, until I began to feel uneasy. Soon after I started feel like choking and had difficulty breathing. Things we're getting out of hand, but then I noticed a bubbling sensation in my head and a slight headache, and was sure it was a panic attack. Then I forced myself to calm down, and sure enough — off goes the choking sensation.

I'm just really happy to be able to fight back. For a long time I couldn't do anything about it.

I feel like i've talked alot about panic attacks and depression on this site. Those things fucked up everything for me, please understand
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You know, today fucking sucked at first. I had less money than I anticipated, still have 3 books to pay off because I accidentally got them wet, finals coming up tomorrow, and I'm just stressed as all get out.

I checked to see if anybody had taken up the offer of a free Steam key I laid out in videogame general, but nobody did, so I just took the key myself and sent it to the Steam Forums to see if anybody was interested because I didn't want it to go to waste. The guy who claimed it was this Czech fella, and usually when I give a Steam Key out, people are just like "Thanks" and leave it at that. This guy got so happy when I have him the Steam Key, though — he kept saying things like "Big thanks! This is big surprise for me!" and he was just so happy. I ended up sending him the Blood Pack DLC as well because that wasn't included in the entire collection, and the fella even left this on my profile:

It really made my day that much better.
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