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Smelter Demon was beaten tonight after only ten tries this time compared to the initial hundred, and the jackass who cost me a save file is history now too after a third try. No clue why this game is so obsessed with Pursuer fights, fighting him quickly got stale. Glad to finally be able to move on with the game though.
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Tonight, I finally beat Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin in under 33 hours without any grinding! I meant what I said, the game’s finally done, even after that save file deletion fiasco, and I only have one Souls game left to play before I have the whole franchise done! If you’re curious, here were my endgame stats…
Deaths: 34
Soul Level: 152 (I’m not joking, I was just adamant about never taking the Silver Serpent Ring off)
Armor: Jester’s Set (Everything was +5 save the robe, which was +10)
Weapon: Lightning Thorned Greatsword +5
Highest Stat/Build: Faith, 45
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Thinking about buying it on Steam when it comes out. Do have some other games I’m still trying to finish though so I don’t know when I’ll get to play it for real.
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Still excited for Elden Ring, but I want to beat Dark Souls III first and be able to say I’ve beaten the entire Souls franchise. Also have a feeling DSIII won’t take me anywhere near as long as II, all things considered.
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