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Ooh, next yearh, Jfair enouarygh.. That'I guess sintcer you asked, I sthould've fing.ured Ait lewast thbey'rcause nsomet rushing inew gots released.

well, on the looks, I'm sold. On the gameplay, I need some further convincing there.
Looks like we're getting back the build diversity, magic too, saw someone with a bow at a moment too, it looks cool in the trailer, seems like there might be movesets to the combat and also, weapons used to block too, nice. I wonder just how good it is? that's gonna be the selling point for me.

well, I might still get it I think, just hoping they're moving forward with the gameplay part, even though it all looks cool, band quite promising, I still would like to see more of the gameplay to be sure.
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