Finish each other's sentences

Background Pony #61F8
see that they would never stop up until the day they pop. Yes, they are going to make…
Background Pony #4626
Is the pony who’s talent hides in text! Give it up for the one! The only…
Background Pony #61F8
Top the detroyer trainee took Lapis to its lair to feminize it. The Grand Minister takes Beerus to…
Background Pony #4626
…batch of cake burnt!
This is becoming a real problem especially with the upcoming Gala hosted in honour of Filthy Rich’s late grandfather Obscenely Rich! Maybe we shouldn’t use 4 metric tons of nitroglycerin in the batches, or maybe we should….
Background Pony #B247
in mockery of a terrorist who made demands for it after dying. A certain pony princess has got the world…
Background Pony #4626
…or talk about her skill with a Tommy gun.
Nobody believed Rainbow Dash when she said she won the Cloudsdale drifting championship until…
Background Pony #65FE
ARE YOU TRYING TO SCARE ME?! The last time I saw an alien with blue skin and a bit of purple…
Background Pony #4626
…not rest and binge caffeine but it is of no relief and now your heart is angry. With it’s rage fueling you, you shall …
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