Finish each other's sentences

Background Pony #281C
you’re (you are) like a dagger to stick me in the heart. An experiment gone haywire at the company lab…
Background Pony #281C
Пол! в ванной! Зверь! Спарта! Сдох! Егор! Прос*РАЛ**! В рай! Кузьмин*! Word! Halo! Не смайл! Дядя строит! Яйцо Давай опять!…
Background Pony #87B2
[Floor! in the bathroom! Beast! Sparta! Dead! Egor! Fucked up! Paradise! Kuzmin! Word! Halo! Don’t smile! Uncle is building! Egg Come on again! …] That’s not a sentence, that’s random words.
A wise man once said…
Background Pony #281C
“Пол! в ванной! Зверь! Спарта! Сдох! Егор! ПросРАЛ! В рай! Кузьмин! Word! Halo! Не смайл! Дядя строит! Яйцо Давай опять!…” because that was a reference to something truly greater than pop culture could ever hope to be. Taste the blood from my blade…
Solar Supporter - Fought against the New Lunar Republic rebellion on the side of the Solar Deity (April Fools 2023).

The Hell?
I’d wish for one more wish.
Play that funky music, white boy  
Play that funky music right  
Play that funky music, white boy  
Lay down that boogie  
Background Pony #BB46
God, and she went so fast! Now that trash is buried out in back. I flash back and I get sick. Sickening, smiling, psycho face on it. Psychoface on it. Psychoface…
Background Pony #BB46
fire going to play with the ghosts from yesterday. My feelings make me so insane. I don’t know how to stop the game. This lie is my only way to smile again…
Background Pony #BB46
I have seen so many cross the line, I have seen them come, I have seen them go…
Background Pony #BB46
You are welcome to my world, dark side of the universe. I know I have told you lies…
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