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Finish each other's sentences

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~intimidatingly gentle~
…Observing a feline under the influence of catnip.
If nuclear energy is one the cleanest forms of energy,  
Why not instead burn…

The Hell?
Come up with a sentence people can actually finish.
Buddy you’re an old man poor man  
Pleadin’ with your eyes gonna make you some peace some day  
You got mud on your face  
Big disgrace  
Somebody better…

Hey look. It's me.
Do a little shake, of course!
But do you realize what’s going on here? Do you understand how serious this is, we’re talking about…
Background Pony #BFC3
They lack the care and initiative to make them less buggy at launch.
Nothing beats a…
Background Pony #BFC3
Miller beer.
If you don’t save frequently in Classic Fallout you’ll…
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