European Union may pass law that could lead to this site being unusable

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That said, it does make sense that the AG delayed the opinion/ruling until July 15th.

The AG probably wanted to wait until the release the guidance. And they did.

I expected this, though i feel that sadly, if the Commission actually didn't backtrack, the rightsholders and certain member states would've complained. Lose-lose.

And i doubt a compromise for us users and rightsholders would work, being neutral sadly doesn't work in drafting.

That said, at least they're seemingly aware.

Ireland’s progress with the DSM Directive, according to Eurovision Communia:

“As of June 7, 2021, the government has announced its intention to transpose the Directive by way of regulations contained in secondary legislation (so-called “Statutory Instrument”), without actual parliamentary debate, further informing that a draft instrument is currently with the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel for formal drafting.

After running a series of public pre-draft consultations, each focused on a different part of the Directed and all carefully prepared, the Irish government decided to transpose the Directive by way of Regulations contained in secondary legislation, without submitting the actual draft law to public discussion and without further parliamentary debate.”

“The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation claims to have taken note of the submissions received over the course of the stakeholder consultation process and to have prepared a law that is “guided by the overarching objective of providing a copyright legislative framework fit for the digital age but which represents a balanced consideration of the interests of all stakeholders”. No text has been released yet, so it’s not yet possible to confirm these claims.”
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Good to know that the EU totally has a spine and would never go full retard into bending the knee to copyright mafia.


I see your sarcasm.
Tbf, though, i don't think they'll change it, but i'm optimistic they'll do it.
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A brief introduction to FLoC

FLoC is a proposed browser standard, created by Google, that promises to offer “interest-based advertising on the web”, but in a manner in which advertisers don’t know the identity of a user. Instead, they are grouped into “cohorts” created using Google algorithms, which are pools of users sharing similar interests and browsing habits. These cohorts are designed to be large enough to preserve user anonymity, while ensuring advertising can be carried out in a targeted way.

When a user visits a website, the Chrome browser tells the site which cohort that user is in, without revealing anything else about their browsing history. No content labels are assigned to these cohorts, meaning it is then up to the website and the rest of the adtech industry to work out the particular interests of that cohort, and use this information to coordinate advertising strategies.

No, because it gives Google too much power. Works or not.
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