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EA to be only company to produce Star Wars games

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As far as it concerns me, It’s possible they’ve recognized that they aren’t in the best public eye right now, so they took the rights and are going to try to win back some support by making quality games, especially with a franchise with such a beloved and storied gaming history.
Besides, EA owns Bioware, who have a stellar track record with Star Wars titles.
I remain cautiously optimistic.
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Maybe they’ll pull an A:CM on us. Getting our hopes up and then tearing it down to the ground in one fell swoop.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I think everyone forgets just how titanic Disney is. If EA fucks up this chance with terrible games, Disney will litigate them so fast and so hard all that would be left of EA’s legacy is a post-it note at the back of the book in the Annals of Video Game History that says; “ EA. Fucked over Disney. Never spoken of again.”
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That’s still pretty awful from them to give an exclusivity contract and preventing so many others from trying their chance to make a game out of the planned new movies. Even more than now EA will put more effort to prevent non-profit competition on their new market than what Disney would have alone for the gaming part of it.
EA must have proposed much and they fall for it because they want to refund the billions they spend to acquire star wars as fast as possible.
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Wait, I thought EA had sorta slowed down at trying to win the “Worst Videogame Company” award, and someone else, I don’t remember who, had taken up its mantle?
I might be wrong, but at the very least I stopped hearing of their bullshit some time ago.
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