Do you think the real world and the internet will become one thing?

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Basically, we live on a world between two “realities”. The physical world where we live, breathe, speak, walk feel pain and other emotions/sensations of our bodies. The other world in question is the internet. You can say the most absurd thing, believe in the most horrific ideas and watch discusting or marvelous thing from all the globe in one single device. You have the world in your hands and because of that newer generations are isolated, not that the internet itself made people isolated since theres alot of other factors that affect this but overall condensate to that.
Some things are more acceptable on real life and other things are more acceptable on the internet, but this kind of wall is starting to break and i feel the web culture is starting to spread everywhere. Will we become so connected to the point internet takes over and all of this becomes the Wired 2.0?
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The advancement of tech could mean a lot of people who mostly work online.
Then you got virtual reality.
Spontaneous remission of all the worlds problems. Very very rare event, but possible.
Soon people might live in pods that feed their body while they explore and work on the internet.
I don’t care about internet insanity, truely sane people will be sane irl and on the internet.
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The real world and the internet already are one thing.
Nothing is possible without the internet anymore. We literally cannot live without it. How would we work, get our food, listen to our favorite music?
But seriously, society has become too dependent on the internet to where the old, offline ways like going to actual stores or buying physical media is slowly ceasing to exist. All of that may still be around now, but it won’t forever. You can’t even get into concerts anymore or do anything else without having a phone. It’s stupid but it’s what all the people want so it doesn’t matter what we think.
People are going to choose convenience and affordability over anything else. Amazon is considered a shit company, but it’s more convenient to order something on there than to drive to a store and buy something (and you probably won’t find it). Streaming music is far more convenient and affordable than collecting CDs and vinyl, but you don’t own anything, you can’t listen to music offline, and you’re at the mercy of the streaming platform which probably spies on you (we know Spotify does) and the artists who can remove their songs at any time.
And yes, both worlds are insane but the internet is worse since it’s easier to be “anonymous” (nobody is ever really anonymous. Using Tor may help, but it doesn’t make you invincible.) and get away with shit. Go on any imageboard, onion, or eepsite and you’ll see how awful the web can be.
And as for usernames, enjoy having them while they last. In the early days of the internet, we were all taught never to use our real names or share any other personally identifying information. Nowadays, all those same people and every big tech company is requiring you to share your real name and other personal information online. So many people on the internet, including users here, post pictures of themselves, reveal their real name, or their location (everyone has done this even if they don’t know it unless they’ve used Tor or a VPN 100% of the time), forgetting the fact that by doing this, they risk becoming targeted, harassed, and possibly murdered.
If the world ends up becoming like the Matrix, in which we’re all trapped inside a virtual reality (which will probably happen), maybe we could all be with our pony waifus and whatever AI is running this fake reality will broadcast all of this for the world to see so everyone will know how perverted and delusional some of us are.
People will only become more reliant on the internet which will continue to get worse in every way imaginable. I personally don’t see any way out of this. At least we can still mitigate it some by blocking JavaScript, using Tor, and other things, but that won’t be possible in the future. The internet and real life will become one and everyone will be happy.
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Subculture eventually becomes culture. Web culture spreading everywhere won’t continue forever though. Most of it is just the echoes of groups of passionate individuals. Eventually these groups move on with their lives, the momentum dissolves and the original content they were creating runs out. All that remains are their memes that people imitate and remix until there’s nothing interesting left because they don’t have the focused passion to create new ones. It’s similar to academic research. Unless researchers are committed and laser focused, they’ll just go in circles from changing direction all the time and won’t make any significant contributions. Like this the internet, gaming, anime and furry all started out small and grew exponentially out of people’s passion and hard work.
As far as I can tell that passion for the internet is gone. When the Game Maker Community first started it felt like magic being able to chat with people all over the world about making games, play other people’s games and get help with your own projects, but soon we’ll be able to ask GPT4 and get an instant answer to almost any problem without being told to RTFM or Google it or any other drama. The incentives to connect with others are rapidly disappearing and turning into liabilities because people are not peaceful.
The passionate creators I’ve seen are retreating to gated servers or leaving the internet entirely to do homesteading and community building. On the other hand, where I live there are no cellphone towers and there was no good internet access until Starlink happened. It’s now possible to upload videos, watch and broadcast streams, make calls and video calls, do gaming, and a lot more from any rural area. The internet is truly everywhere now in North America and most of Europe, but I think the trend is for people to withdraw more as they lose their privacy.
The internet will remain critical infrastructure though. If it stopped working tomorrow most of civilization would collapse, but merging offline and online realities will not happen until most of humanity is capable of maintaining their peace and joy, which I doubt we will live to see. I also think anonymity will likely disappear but people will choose not to participate in the internet anymore or only do so on the dark web.

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The internet is a tool to connect us all online, due to the nature of being online and not in person, we are sometimes unfiltered or act like a different person, sometimes we live double lives, if not most of us do but sometimes the line blurs though for some people as well.
I believe, we aren’t afraid to show ourselves online due to the nature of it being sort of anonymous, y’know, not showing our faces here even in this forum or just online activities, such as watching videos, commenting or researching into topics. The fact we can connect to people across the world and learn different information/languages at the tips of our fingers, now that VR is starting to become more and more advanced along with AI developments, really makes me wonder.
But you’re right though in your comment, both worlds are insane, as without the real world, the internet wouldn’t exist, without people it wouldn’t exist (for now at least) but I really think the internet is just showcasing what is going on in this world and makes it more easily accessible to obtain information you want or connect with the people you want as well.
I believe it’ll continue to grow and grow.
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depends on how they merge. if we get all the cool shit on the internet irl it won’t happen and it’s sad I want ponies to be real. but if our reality becomes like the internet in culture one way or another I honestly can’t imagine a worse hell and we’re slowly moving in that directly.
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