Crack Shipping Thread

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I know this is a crack ship forum, but shout out to NERDWITHNERDFACE for this meme of Lena:
Great job NERDFACE!
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Crack shipping is where you ship two characters (or two objects) that would not be the best couple (or, just highly unusual).
For example:
Shadow the Hedgehog X Megatron.
Both characters may be edgy, but one of them is a hedgehog and the other one is a giant robot. Also, if the two were to ever meet, it really wouldn’t work out between the two because the two might try to kill each other immediately. After all, Shadow is neutral while Megatron is evil. Also, Shadow very rarely shows any mercy to any robots, especially after all he’s been through with Dr. Robotnik.
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I’m back!
SOOOOO i don’t know if this is or not but i ship them, no joking.
Isabela (encanto) X Sarvente (FNF)
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