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Corrupt a Wish (NSFW allowed)


Eldritch Phantom
You go insane from knowing that everything is utterly meaningless and you're nothing special compared to the infinite cosmos

I wish to live in a world of endless pleasure
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Contains GPE propaganda
Granted, It's a mount of legends,
But it doesn't answer to you.

I wish my state was having a massive bonfire.

Eldritch Phantom
Granted, they slaughter many and enslave the survivors and those who surrendered. They let those who helped them conquer the world gain favorable positions in their new government. They take most able women to give birth to stronger lizard men, turn the remaining children into soldiers, and the men are forced to work. On the upside, scientific progress goes through the roof and humanity starts going outward from the planet

I wish for this year to be over already
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Gilda, Gallus, and Camp!
Granted. You end up in the 41st millennium, where you will have a hard time trying not to get killed by Space Marines and their Chaos enemies.

I wish Warhammer had a crossover.
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