Corrupt a Wish (NSFW allowed)


Eldritch Phantom
Granted, you always feel hungry and will never feel full, until you die. This also means you will eat anything edible

I wish for a fish

Eldritch Phantom
Granted, but you must watch 1 Jake Paul Episode for every 1 episode you like. (All Minutes of the Jake Paul Video)

I wish to know a good anime to watch
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Bendy and the InkMachine
Yes, but the series is only one season long with 5 episodes.

I wish people would stop setting off fireworks outside. It's still super annoying.
(In my neighborhood, they still set off fireworks even after 4th of July)
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You die in the time of the dinosaurs and somehow cause Minecraft to become the dominant religion of the world, somehow

I wish to make a new religion
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You get killed gruesomely and end up f* in the ** using * contraptions ** then * * ** with a cherry on top

I wish lottery was even harder to win
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