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I recently heard that it’ll air on Discovery on Thursday, August 4, so that would be less than two weeks from now.
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Battlebots Champions: Battle for Golden Nut kicks off .. tech now yesterday (Thurs)
format is like the Bouny Hunt special, fight though 4 rounds face a legend bot.. and that’s just to get one of the slots to compete for the Nut.
looks like its gonna be Six or seven episodes in total.
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@Background Pony #D003
Six episodes, by my estimate. One for each of the five openings before the championship tournament for the final episode. The three other participants in the final are already in by default for being past winners of the regular season champions: Tombstone, End Game, and Tantrum. (I guess this means three-time champion Bite Force has officially retired if they’re not participating in this.)
Also, the trophy at the end of this series is a giant golden bolt.
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It was a pretty great night, I especially loved Claw Viper vs. Defender and Hypershock vs Mad Catter but the amount of padding and commercials really grated on me. I think I’m just going to DVR them from now on and watch when I can skip all that bull.
Background Pony #3E92
Man, that first episode was definitely worth watching. HyperShock just got increasingly more destructive as they progressed, all the way up to obliterating the legend bot Gigabyte. I also got a good laugh out of all the reaction faces everyone expressed from the insane levels of destruction that HyperShock delivered (seriously, someone should post images of those moments on this topic, because they were just that jaw-dropping). I guess now that they’ve finally overcome their infamous glitches, their potential to be a legitimate champion is really starting to show.
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