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I recently watched one of the YouTube exclusive fights, Deep Six vs Smeeeeeeee. While the fight itself was a rather shocking disappointment, I did get a good laugh out of seeing the various crazy ways some fans in the audience showed their support for Smeeeeeeee.

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So apparently Perfect Phoenix dropped out because of school commitments (really? School in a competition?). That leaves Big Dill and Double Jeopardy, but it seems that neither of the bots were shown both on TV and on YouTube. Did something happened to them? Were they also dropped out for reasons not given or..?

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Meanwhile Big Dill and Double Jeopardy will likely show in Bounty Hunters, same for Perfect Phoenix, even though all three never made any televised appearances, much less YouTube-exclusives.
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So the championship bracket has now been set. For those who wish to fill out the bracket with which bots they think will advance, now’s the time to do it, before next week’s episode.
Here are my picks:
||31 seed: Hydra
32 seed: Skorpios
Round of 16:
End Game vs Minotaur
Copperhead vs Witch Doctor
SawBlaze vs HyperShock
Uppercut vs Shatter!
Ribbot vs Black Dragon
Blip vs Tombstone
Whiplash vs Cobalt
Rotator vs Tantrum
End Game vs Copperhead
SawBlaze vs Uppercut
Ribbot vs Tombstone
Cobalt vs Rotator
End Game vs SawBlaze
Ribbot vs Cobalt
SawBlaze vs Ribbot
Champion: SawBlaze||
Anyone else want to make their predictions?
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Uh, looks like the hide text thing over my picks failed to work on that post I had just made…
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Okay, before I actually mention anything here, let’s see if I can get the spoiler tag working this time…
hide text
[spoiler]hide text[/spoiler]
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Okay, now that I know what works, here’s matchups for the quarterfinals:
Minotaur vs Witch Doctor
Hydra vs Blip
Cobalt vs Tantrum
SawBlaze vs Riptide
And here are my picks for what I think will be the remaining fights in the upcoming season finale episode.
Minotaur vs SawBlaze
Hydra vs Cobalt
Final match:
Minotaur vs Cobalt
Now to just wait and see if my expectations are accurate.
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I saw that the r/battlebots subreddit was tying itself into knots over some supposed upcoming drama. I didn’t click those posts or spoilers so I went in blind, but expecting something bad to happen.
IMHO nothing bad happened. There were a couple of JDs I knew would be a little controversial but nothing ruinous.
As far as I’m concerned it was just a bunch of drama over nothing. Dang near let it ruin my enjoyment of the finals (which were great!). So from now on, I think I’m only going to that subreddit for the sweet memes.
Like this one (spoilers for final)
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