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Automotive enthusiasts?


Big loud things on poles
So, my buddies 06 LBZ duramax has started suffering from low fuel pressure lately and I can’t find out why. We replaced the pump with a brand new one like 3 months ago, his injectors are brand new as well. I inspected the lines to make sure they’re not leaking and even did a smoke test to confirm it’s not leaking. We made sure the pump is also getting the right amount of power as well and it is. I might need to take a look at the sensors. Anyone have any ideas why this could be happening?

Big loud things on poles
I found out what was wrong with my buddy’s LBZ. The low pressure was caused because of the way the pump was set up. We had to reprogram the fuel systems CPU so now the pressures higher and his truck is running normally again. Duramaxs have a lot of problems bust of them are minor.
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I think because the Ford USA don't want the F150 Raptor goes down sales if the Ranger Raptor is on sale in every US market because the Ranger Raptor is Made In Australia for maketing in global only except North America
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Looks like USA and Philippines are seemingly trading one another with their own products. The Latter have been recently witnessing our Ranger Raptors in the American roads while the F-150 and it's Raptor variant are making a comeback here.

I fucking love Fords. I love Chevys and Dodges as well. I also have a love for JDM and supercars. Basically if it's fast, powerful, or beautiful, I love it. The only exception is electric sports car, I want my car to make a loud beautiful sound when I hit the gas
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