Automotive enthusiasts?

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I don’t find the “Toyota Innova Spotting” meme here in our country funny and appealing.
It’s basically telling everyone that that van is overrated due to it being the top selling vehicle here and it’s basically like our version of the Toyota Prius memes worldwide.
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Also, what would be the trim levels for the E170 Corolla and E210 Corolla?
Here’s Mine:  
Ascent Sport  
Conquest Sport  
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The Bronco is starting production! Full time, no delays anymore. Finally!
aaaaand looks like people are enjoying the TLX Type S. here’s a video. Seems like it needs to be tuned, transmission is reducing power in first gear. If the transmission is fixed maybe in 2022 or with a tune, then the car is perfect.
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When I was looking for a new Car in 2019 I remember thinking about the Buick Regal TourX but it was way too much money to buy brand new. Perhaps I’d buy it used. Wagons are nice and this car is very uncommon around here. AWD and “sporty” styling make it really good. I’ve only seen one of those wagons here in Minnesota on the road. Wagons are very underrated. Wouldn’t think about a convertible, unless it has some huge turbo engine in it, which would be amazing
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