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Also I'm deciding what car I should buy when I got my license (in UK).
I wanted an Audi TT but the insurance is too expensive.
I don't want a convertible because the boot space is negligible.
I also wanted an Alfa Romeo but cheap Alfas have GM or Fiat platforms, which aren't exactly good. Also it's Italian so reliability is a problem.
I could get a Ford Fiesta (which is technically German lol) but it's too weak in power, even though it should be a fun car to drive since it's so light.
Saab and Vauxhall would also be wise choices (especially Vauxhall because of racing pedigree) but I don't like them, or any cars related to GM (expect Corvette).
I'm not familiar with Renaults.
I could also get a Peugeot 208, but Fiesta would be a better choice if I really want a sporty hatchback.
I really want a diesel Audi wagon because of the racing pedigree (13-time 24H of Le Mans winner, 8 with its mighty TDI engine!), but congestion charge is a ripoff (Cars lower than Euro 4 petrol / Euro 6 diesel are subjected to congestion charge within Ultra Low Emission Zones, or ULEZ. That is petrol before 2005, diesel before 2015.)
Then the choice shrinks down to BMW 3 Series (E91 wagon or E92 coupe) or Peugeot RCZ.
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