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"[@Background Pony #CCEA":](/forums/dis/topics/automotive-enthusiasts?post_id=5086471#post_5086471
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#CCEA"] Chevy, Hyundai or Citreon?

Should Hyundai make a 3 door Tucson and a 2 door Tucson convertible? What would the names be?

Should Pontiac be revived? What models would fit Pontiac? What would be Pontiac's slogan? [/bq]

This is a tough one.
Was never a fan of Korean car brands like Hyundai and Kia growing up, although my aunt loved her mid-to-late 2000s Kia SUV (not sure which one, though.) But I hear they're fairly reliable and they're super safe on the road.

Chevy used to be good, but in recent years, their quality has gone down the toilet.

Can't tell you about Citrogen. They're not available in the US.

I'd like to see a revival of Pontiac, as they were GM's sporty division. I'd like to see small RWD perfomance cars from them, personally.
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