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Started by Background Pony #EEA6
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Background Pony #9D4F
@Albus Fahrenheits
Well, the way you put it makes it sound like you gave credence to it as if it happens with enough regularity (or at all for that matter) to be able to cite it as a popularly accepted problem with bronies.
Background Pony #BBC3
I remember being a lot like that back in late 2011. During that time, I think there was a sizable influx of fresh fans, and it was sorta cool to bash people for liking ponies you didn't like. Most of the time I could tell it was for good fun, but I was a huge autist back then, and I thought everything was serious and dramatic.

Fortunately I didn't have other crazed idiots IRL to hang out with, like the group you got flak from. I don't know what kind of rabid fan in 2014 would still consider the Lunar Repblic/Solar Empire rivarly to be a legitimate feud. It's a pretty old-hat thing that's more than two years old at this point.
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