Asking Each Other Things

Background Pony #03FF
I’m not really sure if this is what you meant, but I’m wondering where I should go on derpibooru for animators
Background Pony #40FC
If you like any singer(s) who died, who would you stop from dying? I'm torn between saving Layne Staley and Chris Cornell.
Background Pony #03FF
@Ponies And Cuddles

She’s a mare named Destiny

I want the coat to have colors like the Smash bros stage “final destination”
The cutie mark be the smash symbol
One wing colored like Galeem, and the other like Dharkon
The eyes look like the spirits from smash ultimate(without the characters inside)
And her mane and tail to be colored like Tabuu, but with a design similar to Master Core

Do you want to see some images of all of this?
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