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@☬ lincolnbrewsterfan ☬
(sobering up accomplished)
The End was not The End is a badge that was given to those who migrated from ponibooru to derpi when the former went read-only. We can’t really issue that to patrons as it’d devalue it for those who received it legitimately.
Background Pony #87CD
How people born in 29th February celebrate their birthdays? >.>’
And, following that… when’s your birthday?
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French Taunter
Sorry, don’t even know what that is… is it some new social media things you youngsters are using now?
@Background Pony #502A
Shotcut :D
It’s free, it’s easy to use, it’s got most of what one would need… sufficient for most casual uses really.
@Background Pony #87CD
Dunno, guess they can have big ass parties every 4 years, while having little ones whenever around the end of february. I’d be happy to divide my age by 4…
Both mostly for artist contact purposes, like when they want to verify their derpibooru account. It’s not like I’m a furry or anything, perish the thought.
Go on a hunt for specialized forums around the web, you’ll be surprised how many specific topics get their own communities.
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