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Prefer? Sometimes. Although I usually also include Suggestive because I honestly don’t understand the western ideals of ratings. I mean - in the west swimsuits are Suggestive but the Coppertone ads are Safe. I can’t figure out how that even works. Use? Never when volunteering.
It’s hard to miss something when I can still watch it whenever I want, and while there’s still tons of new art showing up every day for it. And I think 9 seasons was fine - every generation gets its own HorseCartoon. It’s time to give it over to the next batch of 8-13 year olds for their fun, and to see what direction the next generation’s demographics take these ads for plastic toys.
Bethke-ian. Tech wear is sometimes the best antidote for endless concrete corridors of battleship gray.
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When you sang in school were you focused to sing a song that’s contains no cuss words at those talent shows they did over the summer but that one kid did that rap song that did have cuss words nd the music teacher’s like “seems fair!”?
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