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Mind giving me a reminder and maybe a location to find said rule: But what is Rule #1? After seeing a rather cursed image get removed not too recently (involving a walking animation of Twilight Sparkle) Im a bit out of touch and possible reach to finding what the rule specifies and what else there are.
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Well, I got some cheese that I don't particularly like but it's not like I can return it to the grocery store :x

Lots. I'm actually scared of blood IRL, but imagery/photos of it doesn't have any effect. I'm strange like that.

Being a mod is comparable to being a manager at a store where people always blame you for everything, and expect you to do a million things at once.

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Background Pony #F4B2
Three questions:

First: What's your favourite episode of MLP:FIM?

Two:Thoughts on MLP Pony Life?

Three:Do you feel sad for this guy?
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Someone tagged my rainbow dash picture with the 'kotobukiya' tag, which is wrong but i can definitely see why they would…
I swear it was a coincidence with the skin colour, but I've no way to prove this. I had no idea about the kotobukiya style while i was drawing it.
Would you recommend just leaving the tag, or removing it?
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Of all the Background Ponies that reply, comment and usually are roaming idly around the site, what percentage do you guys think is people without accounts and people using anonymous? 50/50? 40/60?

Also, have a nice day! :D
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If you were all in a room together, who would you trust the most to order a pizza for everyone without anyone being able to ask others about what they want?
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