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Hey Mods, do we have a thread focusing on Environmental issues?
I’m seeing a shit ton of posts on Twitter talking about how the Biosphere is falling apart/getting wrecked right now.
Background Pony #DB77
Who was the last few person who get moon banned and why?
Just curious cuz moonban is seriously something you can’t come back and for that you gotta be a pretty bad pony.
Background Pony #DB77
@Princess Celestia
So mostly spambots?
Any artists or major brony artist who got banned ever?
Or users who did/say something stupid?
Like i know you can get banned for Nazi stuff or spreading propaganda or misinformation.
Background Pony #DB77
Honestly? Out of pure couriosity.
I watching this site since 2014 and saw a lot of changes. Artists come and go But i was never into the forums so I’m just simply courius why some of my favorite artists left this site in the recent years. That’s all.
Princess Celestia
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

@Background Pony #DB77
Yes there is a major artist who is currently banned, albeit voluntarily.
We mostly just ban people who show complete lack of any kind of ability to learn. People who keep insisting on something that got them banned. For instance, one of the legitimate permabans currently issued is to a person who, despite dozens upon dozens of warning and long talks from staff, keeps registering alt accounts and harassing artists, and then has the audacity to call everyone who accepts commission “a thief” and claims that everyone must draw for free for him because “this is a show about friendship and magic” and “you must respect its values or else…”
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